Inspection of Costume and Personal Equipment

Date published:

1.     At all competitions there will be no official inspection of costume and personal equipment prior to lifting.


2.   It will be the lifters responsibility to be present on the platform outfitted in accordance with the rules governing costume and personal equipment.


3.   Any items mentioned previously under costume and personal equipment may be inspected prior to the competition if the lifter has any doubt as to the legality of that item. Such inspections should be requested during the weigh-in sessions and directed to one of the WPC referees present, not an appointed weigh-in official. Such inspections may also be made at any time prior to lifting or upon leaving the platform by one of the appointed “WPC Contest Officials” or WPC referee. Any conjecture or doubt about the legality of any such items shall be referred to the appointed “WPC Contest Officials”.


4.   Items of personal attire not covered in the rules governing costumes and personal equipment such as: Headbands, mouthpieces, ribbons, watches, costume jewelry, eyewear, and feminine hygiene articles are permitted. However, hats, bandanas or headbands worn as to cover the head as a hat are not permitted to be worn on the platform.


5.   Any items worn on the platform considered objectionable by virtue of being unclean, torn or tattered, indecent, or offensive to the spirit of the competition shall be rejected before the lifter is permitted to proceed.


6.     If a lifter performs on the platform wearing or using any item that is illegal or not verifiably approved, the lifter shall lose credit for that lift, and may be disqualified from the competition. Any minor oversights, or items covered in (5) above, noticed before the lifter performs, should be indicated to the lifter and rectified prior to continuing.


7.     Any lifter performing on the platform may be inspected before or after a lift if any of the referees doubt the legality of the costume or personal equipment being used.


8.     Any lifter successful in a world record attempt must be inspected. Inspection may be soley visual when the legality of the lifter’s costume and personal equipment is obvious, or otherwise more thorough. Thorough inspections should be performed off the platform, preferably in a private area, either by the three referees, or officials delegated by the referees in cases where the lifter is of the opposite sex. In all cases an announcement shall be made by the head referee to the speaker and records processor that the record has been verified.