Raw Division

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Costume and Personal Equipment

All equipment must be presentable and clean with no frayed material


Lifting Suit

 A non-supportive singlet must be worn. Its construction must consist of single ply and be a singular component. The straps must be worn over the shoulders at all times while lifting in competition.  It may be of any color or colors. The length of the leg, when worn, must not extend beyond mid-thigh (medial point between crotch and top of knee cap). Women may wear a one-piece suit of comparable design to the lifting suit. Leotards with sleeves or high cut leg lines are not permitted.



One undershirt (of a design consistent with what is commonly called a T-shirt) with or without sleeves, must be worn under the lifting suit on the squat and bench press. It must be an individual article of cloth fabric. Its construction must be single ply.  Sleeves must be short and remain above the elbow when worn. It may be of any color or colors, but shall not portray indecency or be offensive to the spirit of the competition.



A competitor may wear a belt. If worn, it shall be on the outside of the lifting suit.



One pair of socks may be worn. When worn they may not extend over the knee nor    on the leg so that they touch any knee wrapping or knee cap supporter. Full length  leg stockings, tights, or hose are not permitted.  Socks, tape or plastic shin guards  are required on the deadlift.



Footwear more substantial than basic socks must be worn. The only restrictions to such footwear is that no metal cleats or spikes are permitted.


Wrist Wraps

The fabric nature shall be an elastic weave primarily of polyester, cotton, or medical crepe singly or in combination.  Wraps not exceeding 1m in length and 8cm in   width may be worn.  Alternatively, elasticated wrist bands not exceeding 10cm in width may be worn. A combination of the two is not permitted. If wrist bands are of  the wrap-around style, they may have a thumb loop not to be attached during lift and velcro patch for securing them. A wrist wrap shall not exceed beyond 10cm above  and 2-1/2cm below the center of the wrist joint, not exceeding a total of 12cm in                both directions.



Raw records can be set or broken at raw meets or meets that offer a raw division.