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1.  Weighing-in of the competitors shall be initiated 24 hours before the start of the competition for a particular category. The initial weigh-in session shall be of a minimum duration of one and a half hours. There shall be another weigh-in session commencing two hours before and ending one hour prior the start of the competition for a particular category. These two weigh-in sessions are mandatory. Additional interim weigh-in sessions may be provided at the discretion and agreement of the competition Organisation Committee and appointed ‘WPC Contest Officials’. All weigh-in sessions and their durations must be posted and communicated to all lifters and coaches.

2.  All lifters in the category must weigh-in during one of the mandatory or additional (if provided) weigh-in sessions, which will be carried out in the presence or authority of at least one WPC referee. However all lifters must report to the first weigh-in session to acknowledge their presence.

3.  The weigh-ins must be in a private area, where only the competitor, the competitor’s coach, coach appointee, or manager, and the referees or appointed officials are present. The lifter’s recorded body weight must not be made public until all lifters competing in that particular category have been weighed. There must be at least 2 officials from different countries at the weigh-in at World Championships.

4.  Lifters must be weighed nude or in standard underwear (briefs for men, bra and panties for women). The weigh-in procedure must ensure that lifters are weighed only in the presence of their own sex. Additional officials may be appointed for this purpose.

5.  During the weigh-in sessions lifters uncertain about items of costume or personal equipment that may be used should have items inspected and verified by the WPC referees.

6.  Lots will be drawn to establish the order of the initial weigh-in. The lots drawn also establish the order of the lifting throughout the competition when lifters require the same weights for their attempts.

7.  Each lifter may only be weighed once. Only those whose body weight is heavier or lighter than the category limits of the category entered are allowed to return to the scales. They must return to the scales and make weight during one of the official weigh-in sessions and before the end of the final weigh-in sessions, otherwise they will be eliminated from the competition for that body weight category. Lifters trying to make weight may be reweighed as often as they wish within the allowances of time and the posted weigh-in schedule.

8.  A lifter who is too heavy may move into the next higher category. The lifter must again be weighed during the weigh-in sessions scheduled for the new category. All qualifying standards must be met. Proof of qualification resides with the lifter.

9.  A lifter who weighs lighter than the lower limit of the category, may drop into the next lower category, provided it has not already taken place. All qualifying standards must be met. Proof of qualification resides with the lifter.

10. Official body weights shall be recorded to the nearest tenth of a kilogram.

11.  Any lifter that has not weighed in and had his or her opening attempts recorded at the last weigh-in session that ends one hour prior to the start of his or her session, round or flight, may not compete in that session, round or flight. In the case where there is one session in the competition, that competitor shall not be allowed to participate in the competition. In cases where inclement weather and/or hazardous conditions exist in the area of the venue, extension of weigh-in time shall be determined upon the discretion of the technical officer or appointed WPC contest official.

12.  If two lifters register the same body weight at the weigh-in and eventually achieve the same total at the end of the competition, they will be reweighed and the lighter person will take precedence over the heavier person. However, if they still weigh the same after reweighing, they will share the placing, and each receive any award that is being presented. In such circumstances, should two lifters be in first place, the next lifter shall be placed third and so forth.

13. Lifters should, if required, check Squat and Bench Press rack heights and foot block requirements during these periods prior to the start of the competition. Additionally, the first attempts will be required of the lifters at the time of weigh-in.