World Records

Date published:

1.     At any National, International or World Championship recognized by the WPC, world records will be accepted provided that:

a.     The competition must be conducted under WPC rules or a national variation of the rules accepted by the WPC.

b.     The world record applicant must be a current member of The National Federation affiliated to the WPC or a current WPC Affiliate Member from a country not organized with a National Federation affiliated to the WPC.

c.     At least two current WPC referees must adjudicate the lift and vouch that all conditions at the competition meet the technical standards and procedures required. The third referee must be at least a current national referee of a National Federation affiliated to the WPC.

d.     The barbell and discs were weighed before the competition, all actual weights accurately recorded and able to be verified by the referees or appointed “WPC Contest Officials” or weighed immediately after the successful attempt by the referees.

e.     The lifter weighed in correctly before the competition.

f.     The scales were certified accurate by a recognized authority within the last 6 months, and a scale test slip prepared by the Municipal Sealer of Weights and Measures (or equivalent) or by an authorized scale company, is available.

g.     The lifter’s costume and personal equipment was in accordance with the rules.

2.     Duplicate copies of fully completed world record applications, signed by the three referees, must be sent separately to the World Records Register and Head of the WPC Technical Committee (as indicated on the Record Application Form) within one calendar month of the date of the record being set. A copy of the official score sheet must also accompany both record applications. For Teenage, Junior and Master world records proof of age must be satisfactorily established and attested to by the adjudicating WPC referees. If such proof was not available when the world record was established, it is the lifter’s responsibility to furnish such proof (copy of birth certificate, passport, drivers license) independently to both the World Records Registrar and Head of the WPC Technical Committee, before the record can be ratified.

3.     If, in any competition recognized by the WPC, a lifter is successful with a 3rd attempt that falls within 20kg of a current world record, the lifter may request a fourth attempt that exceeds the world record. Such an attempt will not be included in the lifter’s total. Additional attempts will not be permitted.

4.   Only lifters actually competing in a competition may attempt world records.

5.   In no circumstances may lifters not taking part in the full competition be permitted to attempt world records on individual lifts.

6.  In the event of two lifters, at the same competition, breaking either a current individual or total record with the same weight, the lighter lifter will be declared the new record holder. If both lifters weighed in at the same body weight they will be re-weighed. If they r-eweigh the same, both will be record holders.

7.  New individual lift records are only valid if they exceed the previous record by at least 500 grams. Fractions of 500 grams must be ignored, e.g. 87.7kg would be registered as 87.5kg.

8.  Records are only valid for the body weight category of the lifter as determined at the official weigh-in.

9. There is an official world record for the total of three lifts. It will be recognized subject to the following additional stipulations:

a. A total record can only be valid if the bar and discs used in the competition have been weighed, and verified within specifications, before the competition.

b.  The record will only be the summation of the face value of the individual best lifts, and therefore must be a multiple of 2.5kg.

c.  No fourth attempts may be included in the total.

10. Records set on individual lifts will only be valid if the lifter makes a total in the competition.

11. Records set in competitions which contest one lift only, shall not be considered as WPC World Records but shall be noted and established as Official One Lift Records only e.g. a World Bench Press Record for the World Bench Press Congress and a World Deadlift Record for the World Deadlift Congress.

12.  If a lifter attempting a fourth attempt world record is one of the last four lifters of the flight in the third attempts, they will receive up to 3 additional minutes rest prior to their fourth attempt. The very last lifter of the flight requesting a fourth attempt will have 3 minutes because they are following themselves, plus the additional 3 minutes.