“WPC Contest Officials”

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1.       At World Championships and International competitions “WPC Contest Officials” will be appointed to preside over all aspects of the competition. They shall ensure that the technical rules are correctly applied, consider and rule upon any appeals, and generally oversee the competition and refereeing. Five such “WPC Contest Officials” shall be appointed for World Championships, a minimum of three of which must be from different countries; and three for other international competitions, at least two of which must be from different countries. A reserve member will also be appointed to act in the case of another’s absence.

2.       These “WPC Contest Officials” will be appointed prior to the competition by the officers of the WPC – the President, Chairman/General Secretary, Head of the  Technical Committee, Vice Presidents, and other appointed Officers-at-Large, the  “WPC Contest Officials” should include as many of the officers of the WPC as possible or appropriate.

3.       All “WPC Contest Officials” must be WPC Referees.

4.       During the competition the “WPC Contest Officials” may, by majority opinion, replace any referee whose decisions, in their opinion, prove the referee to be  incompetent. The referee concerned will have received a warning prior to any action of dismissal.

5.       If a serious mistake occurs in the refereeing, which is contrary to the technical rules, the “WPC Contest Officials” may take appropriate action to correct the mistake.  They cannot overrule or change the decisions of the referees but may, at their discretion, grant the lifter an additional attempt.

6.       The “WPC Contest Officials” shall be present at all lifting sessions.